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Hi! Thank you for visiting my page!


I am currently based in South East Asia. All time zone bookings can be accomodated. 

As a military wife and Mama living far from family and with not many childcare options my times for readings are limited for now. Please appreciate I have already allocated all the available slots I can and hope to increase these when I can. If there isn't a suitable slot please email me via the contact form and I shall endevour to help you or put you on my waiting list for when I am able to increase my hours. Or alternatively I may send you some recommendations of other available Psychic Mediums.

Currently all consultations shall be via Telephone/ ZOOM.

This can be land line (does any one still use this?), Mobile, Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, although its always recommended that you choose the best signal option. ZOOM / Facetime /Skype is available. How do these work differently from an in person 1-2-1?



We are after all, energy and the distance between people in this world and Spirit loved ones in the next world is only a thought. 

This is a one-to-one consultation. 

Usually during a private sitting both the Mediumistic and psychic level are used. However, depending on the needs of the individual sitter, sometimes a sitting may be wholly Mediumistic or wholly psychic.

Each reading is a blend of energies, a 3 way chat with you and your loved ones in Spirit but with Louise the "Medium" in between.  There is no “One Medium Fits All” everyone has a different approach and blend with the world of Spirit which can be impacted by many factors, attitudes and beliefs.

Personal recommendation is a great way to locate a Medium, however always check in with your own instincts first. And ask your own Soul;

Is this the right time?

Is this the right Medium?

Follow your OWN guidance. 

Larger groups, Charity and Corporate events are also available.

Please use the contact form for more information.

To book a reading, please fill in the contact form or call direct 07917 686448 and we can arrange the next suitable date for you.

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