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" My hypnotherapy sessions with Louise changed so much. I no longer suffer from terrible panic attacks or daily anxiety. I feel confident and have a life again. I was hiding away and now I am fully living and enjoying life." 

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

Albert Einstein

Why should I consider Hypnotherapy?


Do you want to make changes in your life that logically may appear simple but whenever you try your will-power eventually fails?


You lose focus on your goal and perhaps old patterns and thoughts or feeling emerge that prevent you from reaching your potential?


With hypnotherapy beliefs can be changed, habits and patterns broken; not only does a new positive you emerge with the tools to reach your goal once and for all but it's a quick, empowering and often enjoyable process.


The hardest part is asking yourself are you really ready and willing to change? Once your answer is 'yes' you're already half-way there?


Perhaps you battle with your weight or are a smoker that doesn't want to be, it's likely you've had some degree of success on your own in the past before seemingly out of nowhere it all went wrong yet again.


The next step is to equip yourself with the information you need to make an informed decision as to how you want to give yourself the very best foundations for success this time.


What can Hypnosis help?


Hypnosis can be used for virtually anything, the most common uses of Hypnosis include: 

- To stop smoking


- Phobias, eg claustrophobia, agrophobia..


- Pain management


- Panic attacks


- Fear of flying


- Depression


- Relaxation


- Sound sleep


- Stress management


- Sports performance


- Sexual healing / enhancement


- Performance anxiety

- Self confidence


- Relationship issues


- Weight control


- Overcoming addictions eg drugs, alcohol..


- Fear of public speaking


- Exam anxiety and success


- Increase motivation


- Health improvement


- Irrital bowel syndrome


- Improve concentration, memory and learning skills


- Nail biting


- And many more...

"Change your thoughts, change your Life"

Dr Wayne Dyer



Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural process of working with your conscious and subconscious mind to empower you to overcome many issues, some of which are mentioned above. The successful uses of hypnosis are vast as it targets the mind which effectively controls our feelings and any psychosomatic and physical issues such as pain and dis-ease. Therefore, by uniting both the conscious and subconscious mind to work together as one powerful force, the mind is able to affect how we feel in any given situation as well as influence pain and physical healing in a positive way.


How does Hypnosis work?


During hypnosis a trance like state is induced as the client is gently guided to relax their conscious mind. Trance is a natural state, where the mind becomes inwardly focused. It feels similar to when we day-dream, perhaps when reading a good book or watching Tv.  In this state we relax, drift away and make use of the resources of our unconscious mind. Trance allows the subconscious mind the opportunity to share a wealth of information that is otherwise not available to your waking mind.


All hypnosis is self hypnosis, in other words the therapist presents suggestions in a certain way and it is up to you to follow those suggestions. It is an altered state of consciousness into which you allow yourself to enter with the guidance of a therapist. You are in control all the time, you always know what is happening, and you can come out of the altered state at any moment.


Every human has a series of beliefs running in their subconscious mind. Some are helpful beliefs, but others are unhelpful. Unhelpful beliefs can cause: sadness, depression, low confidence, addictive behaviours and fear of flying, etc. All these beliefs are kept in place by what is known as the Conscious Critical Faculty. Once you decide to change an unhelpful belief, I will assist you to bypass the Conscious Critical Faculty and replace unwanted beliefs with new healthy and helpful beliefs. This is a powerful and often life changing experience as you can begin to notice changes immediately.











Will Hypnosis work on me?


Yes, and it is one of the most pleasant and natural therapies available! It puts you in charge of your own mind and outcomes with no side effects. The evidence for hypnotherapy being an effective tool for emotional healing as well as pain control and physical healing is well documented. Even today in Charring Cross Hospital the NHS is showing that Hypnotherapy can help cancer patients successfully deal with anxiety, panic attacks, fear, stress, pain management, sleeping problems, radio and chemotherapy treatment and many other psychosomatic, physiological and psychological complaints. Hypnotherapy techniques are also used at Charring Cross Hospital to boost patients' immune system thus aiding the fight against cancer and helping the healing process.


Hypnotherapy is a natural and safe process and is often quite enjoyable. In fact, most clients report feeling calm, positive and relaxed at the end of a session.


How does Hypnotherapy feel?


Most clients report a deep state of relaxation and peaceful sensations. Under Hypnotherapy, the body relaxes together with the mind causing a state of peace and well-being. Many clients say that hypnosis feels like going to bed after a long day.


Is it Safe and Am I In Control?


Clients often hear and remember what is said in the session. During Hypnosis you are Awake and Aware and have Control of everything you say and do. It is a safe and natural state which you can choose to enter, or come out of, at any time you wish. The Hypnotherapy session is always controlled by You, the Hypnotherapist only plays a guiding role.


If you have any questions on how a session can be of benefit to your specific situation, or would like to chat, please contact me and I will be happy to help.

"Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?"


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