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" I had a reading from Louise in June 2014 and it was truly an amazing experience. I have had other readings but this was the best, nobody has even come close. Louise was so accurate about people that had passed to the Spirit world belonging to me and knowing that they are with me has been extremely comforting to myself and my family. The detail was fantastic and knowing that my darling loved ones that have passed to Spirit have witnessed events in my life and continue to guide me and watch over me is just wonderful. 


Louise is truly a gifted and a very special spiritual person, a unique individual and I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to go too her for a reading. I know for me it has given me such hope and peace that there are no words that can express how uplifted I feel having met her and look forward to meeting her again. "


' Once spirit has touched your soul there is no going back '

 Mary, Cork, Ireland.


" As a retired Psychic Medium I am very particular who I ask to do readings for me. I can highly recommend Louise to give you a good quality genuine and heartfelt reading. She really does provide you with in depth messages from the Spirit world and prove that our loved ones are always with us. She has also been a great ambassador for many charitable causes over many years. I don't normally recommend Mediums however, Louise is an exceptional case, her Spiritual work is an excellent and comforting experience. "

 Marina, Clackmannanshire Scotland.


" I would recommend Louise as I have had 2 readings with her when seeking contact, comfort and guidance from my family in the Spirit world. Each reading uplifted me and provided reassurance of my families continuing presence in my life and gave me renewed strength in my own path and choices. "

 Anne, Glasgow, Scotland.


" I had my first reading with Louise a year ago. The connections with my loved ones in Spirit was amazing. She shares in your reading with kindness and love from her heart. So many things she said in my reading that no one would know. She has an authentic wonderful gift, a beautiful connection with Spirit and the Angels. My life has changed completely and when Louise told me a year ago that I would be changing career completely I didn't see it, how wrong was I? 


I have also had a Hypnotherapy session with Louise and it was one of the most relaxing and encouraging experiences I have ever had. I would definitely say it was equal to a years worth of massages! I came away feeling so much better about myself and inspired to make lasting positive changes. Would I recommend this amazing women? I have done to everyone I know. "

 Verity, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.

I first met Louise last year through a friends recommendation. Louise came to my house and took me through a very comforting spiritual reading. Since that reading several predictions have positively happened. At the time of that reading last year I needed to know that good times were ahead. I have recently seen Louise for another reading which has given me the opportunity to know that those I have loved and that have passed are very much looking after not just me but my children. Louise is very dedicated to helping her clients feel love and light in a very calming manner. Whilst my Son & Daughter were having very severe health problems the past few months Louise has publicly prayed for them to recover and keep well. Louise is a very gifted Lady with a genuine desire to heal people. I would very much recommend an appointment with Louise x

Carolynne, Tullibody, Scotland

Thanks for coming tonight, the girls all loved you you were amazing...5 star.

Stephanie, Glasgow, Scotland.

Just BOOK! - Had an excellent reading this week...recommended!

Allistair, Stirling, Scotland
I thoroughly enjoyed my development course run by Louise Minhas. It was well structured and helped me greatly in bringing out my abilities in both psychic and mediumistic areas. The environment was encouraging and relaxing which helped a great deal in building my confidence in myself and in a group setting. Most importantly it was fun and I had a great time doing something I love and meeting new like minded people.
Gail Paterson, Falkirk 01/12/15
I'm so glad I went to Louise's 10 week development course.  It was my first time doing anything like this and my development within the 10 weeks is amazing!! The group was mixed with people at all development levels and everyone was very friendly and I have made good like minded friends.  Louise provides a lovely relaxing atmosphere and her advice and explanations makes it so clear.  Thanks again Louise 
Lyndsay Berry, Clackmannanshire. 01/12/15
I had a reading with Louise recently, she is such a warm and friendly person, a number of spirit family came through to me, and through tears came laughter, Louise described my spirit family and gave me proof of them being on the other side and very much around me in my present day life, she also made me realise how they still know what is going on in our lives here on the earth plane, and also how spirit see our family and friends here alive and well, and try to guide and help us, Louise delivers her messages with sincerity, compassion and speaks from the heart, well worth a reading, and would recommend Louise without a doubt, thank you special lady for delivering comfort and communication from life beyond. Ali, Inverness
Louise, I really enjoyed the group, I thought you were very encouraging and also professional, you encouraged me to face my fear of talking in front of people, I was so happy when I finally managed it even though I was shaking like a leaf. I liked how you encouraged us to try different ways of working, I am much more confident and giving more people messages in the open circle at church, thanks to your love and encouragement xx Marian, Alloa.


Hi Louise, I have had an amazing ten weeks attending your class in Peebles. Thank you so much for encouraging and inspiring us all in  a unique and indiviual way. Your wealth of knowledge is amazing and made all the more beautifull by your passion to share and teach others. Thank You so much again. Love Wilma. 01/04/15
Hi Louise, Just wanted to say thank you for the readings you gave me at my house this morning. Everyone was delighted with their time with you and I found some of the messages most comorting. Hope to see you again. Keep up the good work! Liz Clarke. 31/03/15
I was at d'nisi this evening and i had the pleasure of watching louise give loving words from loved ones from the spirit world, to loved ones on the earth plane. I also received a message from my gran who have me the kick up the bum that I needed. The proof that Louise conveys in her readings is amazing. I admire the work that she does for spirit, and the way That she can convey the love and messages that need to be said to loved ones . A fantastic night thankyou. Marie Bower Alloa 01/04/15
I thoroughly enjoyed myself, although I never got a reading direct there were bits of some of the other readings that were extremely correct for me and it gave me comfort. 
I loved listening to you and felt very relaxed. I'm going to chat to my mum more Wendy Snaddon Alloa 01/04/15

I had a reading with Louise Minhas Psychic Medium a couple of weeks ago and she blew my mind with her accuracy and compassion. She is a really lovely lady too! 

Hayley Edwards Edinburgh. March 2018
Hi Louise,
I have just had a listen again to the recording of my reading from last September(2017) and wanted to share that as ridiculously predicted, I have met someone really lovely!  Listening again to what you said about meeting someone in six months, in the spring, caring and nurturing and good with children.  Also, you described a house that I might move to and it is totally a description of the actual house this person lives in  
I just wanted to share with you how happy I'm feeling. I truly loved the sessions I have had with you.  The first was so healing for me in the place that I was, really helped me move forward.  You are always warm and friendly and take great care delivering the information that your recieve in a very gentle manner.  It is such a pleasure to spend time with you.  I'm sure a time will come when I feel the need to have another reading but in the meantime I'm definitely living to my purpose!  Much love to you and your family, take care and thank you!! xxx Edinburgh 2018

Louise is the real deal -- the consummate professional whose manner is warm and whose work is authentic. My reading blended the psychic and mediumistic, as Louise provided spot-on insights and delivered powerful messages from my loved ones in the spirit realm. The details of my family members were stunningly accurate and their messages were absolutely poignant to my life. Thanks to my session with Louise, I feel more connected to my loved ones, and positively emboldened. Thank you, Louise, I'm so grateful you're sharing your gift in this way!

L, Edinburgh July 2018

My reading with Louise was simply amazing! Not only did she bring through heartwarming and important messages from my father and grandmother, she even got their names right!

Many of the messages that came through during the session were quite comforting, and very useful for my growth and my ability to stay connected with my goals. Her reading of my actual situation at the moment of the session was spot on, and as some months have passed since I spoke with her, I can say that many important things have been unfolding as predicted. 

Louise is such a warm and kind hearted person, and that alone is immensely uplifting. It’s a true pleasure to work with her!”

Carolyn, Florence, Italy, November 2021



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