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About Louise

Louise Minhas

Psychic Medium & Hypnotherapist

Life is “The great Mystery".  I have experienced so many mysterious, at the time, spiritual experiences in my life and have an endless fascination with the workings of our magnificent universe. Since seeing my Father return to visit me and the family after his death, I have been fascinated with the Spirit world and the great mystery of our existence on this spinning star, the Earth. It has driven me to approach all life with an open curiosity, always an avid student, learning all that I can from every source I can. I feel blessed with the knowledge that I have been guided, by those discarnate, family and friends, with love at all times.  Being a natural Medium from childhood I was visited on many occasions by Spirit, my beloved Dad, also Grandparent’s, both of whom had passed before I was born, to let me know they were guiding the family. At the age of 14 the eldest of my brothers had arranged a private sitting with the local Spiritualist Medium, Grace Kelly. Grace sensing my gift allowed me to sit in on it. The communication shared from the Spirit world left a deep lasting impression.


Leaving school at 15 to study Travel and Tourism at College, I eventually went to my first Spiritualist Service at 17. I then started to attend Churches regularly and had my first reading, from the same Medium I had met at 14. Dreams became vivid and prophetic and I started to work with the unconscious mind beginning a lifelong journey of meditation practice. During this time I also qualified as a Fitness Instructor. I went to work part time in a local gym while working for a newspaper during the day.


At this time my friend John arranged for his mother Mary to give me a reading as she was a Spiritualist Medium. Mary was to become my first Mentor and my “Wee MammyD".  In the reading Spirit told me 

I would become a working Medium. I started to attend different Spiritualist Churches regularly and began to sit in open development circles. Throughout this time there were many other Spirit visitations and visions both in the dream world and this world. 


Getting married at 24 to Jady we moved to Cyprus to begin married life. After a few happy months here Jady’s beloved sister died suddenly at 43, leaving a massive gap in our family. Within a month, my mother, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Our worlds fell apart. I moved home to Scotland to be with the family and become Mum's full time carer. Mum passed to the Spirit World 9 months later. During that time the local Spiritualist Church was a few houses away and I would attend every week. Mum recounted also having divine experiences and visitations while she was ill, which gave her a wonderful sense of peace each time. At the moment of Mums passing I was given one of the most precious gifts from the Spirit World.


"I was allowed to feel the beauty and unconditional love that is our Spiritual home, Heaven, the next world or dimension, Source, whichever feels right for you to call it. I was transcended to that bliss we often hear mystics relate. Words will never do it justice, but I assure you it is incredible, and it is our true nature, that which we are made of. Love. Peace. Joy."


I was invited into the closed home development circle of Jessie Knox, ”Wee Mama’K” after Mums passing. Here I grew in confidence and development, sitting my apprenticeship for Spirit. I started taking Spiritualist services, charity events and conducting professional private readings 3 years later.


 "I am blessed to offer this wonderful connection to those who seek it, every day deeply grateful to share in the love, joy and healing I have received from my own connection to the Divine world of Spirit. Every day learning more in the understanding of our eternal Souls and our journey here in this school of life."


In April 2013 my learning journey reached a new chapter. I am fascinated not only with Spirit but the workings of our minds.  After experiencing the healing benefits of both Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy, I started studying with Jennifer Rose and the Past Life Regression Academy. 


In July 2013 I realised a dream, becoming an eager student at the world famous Arthur Findlay College for Psychical Studies.  It felt like going home. I went on from here to study under some of the most respected Mediums and Tutors in the UK, always looking to expand my knowledge, I  strive to be the very best Ambassador for Spirit I can be.


 "My role is to assist others in understanding that we are all eternal Souls. That we are eternally connected heart to heart and mind to mind, as one soul family, living learning and growing together. That death is only a doorway between worlds and we have chosen to come to classroom earth to learn and grow through the many lessons life presents to us. The most important thing I have ever learned is life is to be lived fully and joyfully, that we must always look for the love in each experience."


I am passionate about publicly demonstrating and teaching Mediumship and Intuitive Awakening. The excellent reputation I have is based on my evidential mediumship, my integrity and compassion. The majority of my work comes by way of testimonial and referral. I can be found moving around every few years, currently from September 2020 I will be based from Colchester, Essex although I am also available online and via the telephone for work throughout the UK and Internationally. If you would like to know more or to contact directly for a booking then please do, use the contact form or call 07917 686448.



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